HEAD SPACE: The Key to Productivity

Headspace. It’s a subject I talk frequently with clients about.

Webster defines it as the unfilled space left above the contents in a sealed container. In this case, the sealed container is your brain.

When it comes to productivity, headspace is everything. There must be enough capacity to rise above the chaos of mind clutter to find yourself calm and focused. Headspace is the key to clarity and staying in action mode.

A few things that fill our brains include:

  • Work responsibilities

  • Committees, boards, volunteer efforts

  • Children

  • Outside activities (kid and adult sports, friends and family, television/computer time)

How does one allow for more headspace?

Take inventory. List all the things that fill your brain. I suggest you do this in two groups: Professional and Personal.

Set priorities.  We make time for what matters. If you made time for it, it was a priority.

Shed. Shed those responsibilities, projects and expectations that only serve to distract you from your goals rather than move you toward then.  If it does not align with your top 3 priorities, let it go.

In other words, Marie Kondo the shit out of your brain.

Focus. Set yourself up for success by creating an environment free of distraction. Trust me, it will transform how much you get done. I list a few tools I use below.

Discipline.  Clearly define what you want to achieve, what it’s going to take to get there, and decide what needs to be set aside to achieve it.  Remove the rose-colored glasses and be real with yourself.

Here are a few techniques and tools I use to help me shed the mind clutter, maintain headspace and stay in action mode:

  • At the end of the month do a quick calendar review. Where was your time REALLY spent?

  • Learn to say “No”.  It’s one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself.

  • Install the Win The Day extension for your browser. It tracks habits, projects and productivity. It’s free and it’s a game changer.

  • Learn Time Blocking. Proven to be the single most effective productivity technique.

  • If you need background noise, try Focus@will. I’ve used this neuroscience-based music software for years. The scientifically tested technology behind focus@will has been shown to alter brain activity toward a state more conducive to productivity.

Meditate.  If you’re like me, guided meditation works best to keep me focused. My husband and I love the Grokker app for all thing’s fitness. They have wonderful meditation sessions. Our favorite meditation guide is DavidJi.  I could listen to his voice for hours.