Blue Lagoon

A Refreshing Cocktail, or a Marketer’s Best Friend?

Welcome to the party! I’ve been hoping you’d stop by. Fridays are a big deal around here. Like you, the Blue Flamingo crew spends most of our time thinking about our business. Like, day and night. We’re always coming up with interesting new ways to provide value to our clients.

We start each week with our coffee-infused creative juices flowing. Everyone we meet gives us new ideas, and presents us with new challenges. We love it all! But by the time Friday rolls around, those juices are starting to run dry. We need a refill.

Hence the creation of “Flamingo Friday,” a time to mix up a different sort of creative juice. Kick off your shoes and pull up a beach chair. I saved a spot for you.

In the pitcher this week: Blue Lagoon, a refreshing cocktail that’s an alluring shade of blue. 

This drink also happens to be a marketer’s dream:

It’s Simple. It’s Effective. It’s Fun.

A Blue Lagoon has just three ingredients at its core. Its message is powerful and transparent: “You’re just a hot minute away from a summer island getaway.” As a marketing team, we’re inspired by a bold core message that pulses with purpose. Throw in some sun and sand, and we’re sold!

Its message is powerful and transparent: “You’re just a hot minute away from a summer island getaway.”

In your glass, a frothy azure pool cascades over tumbled ice, carrying the crisp citrus tang of the tropics. The promise of sweet serenity spreads a sunny smile across your face as you take a sip. See for yourself.

1. Fill a glass with ice.

2. Add a shot of Blue Curacao.

3. Add a shot of vodka.

3. Top with lemonade.

4. You can garnish it with a maraschino cherry and umbrella, if you desire.

Keep it bold,


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