Dear Blue, How do you tell your readers you’ve won an award? – Humble in Houston

Dear Blue,
How do you tell your readers you’ve won an award without telling them you’ve won an award?
– Humble in Houston

Dear Humble:

You just tell them!

When you win a big award or honor, shout it from the rooftops. Email everyone you know. Post it on your social platforms. This is not the time to be shy.

  • Current clients feel validated knowing your work is celebrated.
  • Future clients will be more inclined to sign on with an award-winner.
  • Your community, online and in person, will be more aware of your name.

Let the world know you’ve got the expertise and the creativity to be noticed. Another good reason to publicly talk about your achievements?

  • It boosts company morale.

Team members are just that: part of a team, and it’s rare any company awards are the result of one person’s efforts. When appropriate, call out significant contributors (individuals or teams). Spring for the trophy or certificate and display for all to see.  Celebrate with cupcakes and a company-wide email. Hard work deserves to be recognized and acknowledged.    

For example:

Blue Flamingo was honored to be the recipient of multiple awards this year for our work: 

Outstanding Website from the Web Marketing Association.

We were awarded “Outstanding Website in Its Category” for our wildfire readiness public outreach campaign, Be Ready, Butte!

  • Why it’s significant: The Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition is the best of the best for online marketing and website development. Expert judges review websites from over 86 industries—and only the highest caliber are recognized with an award.

Gold & Silver from the Davey Awards

Gold award for the website: Chico Farm and Orchard
Silver award: integrated marketing campaign for Be Ready, Butte!

  • Why they’re significant: The Davey Awards recognize small agencies or the “Creative Davids” – aka those who do remarkable work but are often overshadowed by big-budget agencies. Judges for the Davies come from the likes of Condé Nast, Disney, GE, Keller Crescent, Microsoft,, MTV, Push., Publicis, Sesame Workshops, Yahoo! and other bigwigs in the creative field.

See what we did there?   

Just like you, Team Blue is proud of the work we do for our clients and thrilled when industry professionals recognize it. So, when the awards come a-knockin’, don’t be afraid to start talkin’. 

– Blue

P.S. 2023 was a year for the books and we couldn’t have done it without you. Whether you’re a client, vendor, or cheerleader we are beyond grateful for both opportunities and support as we work diligently to build brands that stand out and get noticed. 

Welcome 2024. We’re coming for ya!

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