Dear Blue: when should I use ChatGPT in my business?

Dear Blue:

At brunch today, I overheard a group of cool cats talking about AI and how it’s changing the way they work, study, and even what to order off the special menu. Is AI a trend I want to utilize in my business? Or in my breakfast order? Should I stay the same and stick with the classics, the mimosa?

-Thirsty in Thousand Oaks


Here at Blue HQ, we’re always evaluating how emerging technologies like AI can best serve our clients. The key is testing and finding the right balance, much like experimenting with different juices in your brunch cocktails. Sometimes, the new combination is a winner, and other times, it feels like somebody swapped in Cook’s when you weren’t looking.

Pic courtesy of Joyful Healthy Eats.

As you’ve probably heard, ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI tools for writing assistance. To give you a better idea of it’s capabilities, let’s do a quick comparison of AI v. human output with a potential new brunch cocktail for you to consider.

Prompt: “What is a bellini? Please definine in a short and impactful way.”

ChatGPT response:
“A Bellini is a classic Italian cocktail made of Prosecco and peach purée, celebrated for its refreshing, fruity flavor and elegant simplicity.”

Not bad.

How about a human response to the prompt?
“Juicy summer peaches meet cool, crisp Prosecco for a bubbly brunch cocktail that transports you to bella Italia with every sip.”


Let’s ask ChatGPT to put ’em together:
“Experience bella Italia with every sip of a Bellini, a classic cocktail where juicy summer peaches meet cool, crisp Prosecco in refreshing, elegant simplicity.”


Moral of the story? ChatGPT can be a powerful add-in for your business writing, but it always needs a human touch.

Some ideas on when to use ChatGPT and when to write on your own:

  • Routine Tasks: For routine tasks, ChatGPT can give you a simple draft to work off. Be sure to refine for company voice and tone.
  • Creativity and Nuance: For content that requires a personal touch, creativity, or deep understanding of your brand’s voice, it’s often best to write it yourself. ChatGPT can be a great option for brainstorming ideas to get you started.
  • Editing and Enhancing: Ask ChatGPT to help you edit or clarify writing, or test it out on a tricky paragraph you can’t quite articulate.

What now? Don’t be afraid to blend the AI’s efficiency with your own creativity. Test it out, see what works, account for your company’s tone and voice, and blend accordingly. It might just convince you to order a Bellini.

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