I can’t believe that worked!

Marketing & Sales: How to Use Marketing Content to Sell to Clients Part 2

By: Lindsay, Blue Flamingo VP and not-so-secret Desperate Housewives fan.

So you’ve bought in on changing the narrative for salespeople. You know marketing and sales work best together. You’re ready to stop selling and start having real conversations with like-minded individuals. 

You know from our last blog that the key to these convos is increasing the touchpoints and sales opportunities by using great content from Marketing. But how do you actually do that?

We salespeople know that changing up your selling style can feel a little daunting. It can rattle our well-polished pitch cage and even make us *cough* uncomfortable. You might even wonder why you need to change anything at all.

The answer, of course, is because like all good comedy routines, the same sales style gets stale. If you’re hitting the same list of prospects, you need to bring value to get their attention. And even better than grabbing some attention? Getting a response. That oh sh*t I can’t believe I actually got a response moment. 

Ready to crack the code on utilizing marketing content in your sales strategy?

Consider these 3 best practices to get that moment for yourself.  

Step 1: Do a little research. 

I’m looking at you supposed one size fits all. In content, sharing a completely irrelevant article could hurt you more than help you. Stray away from the reader WTF frown and take a little time to send the right content. Allot for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to look over your company blog or social media channels. 

Example of content you might send to a client in agriculture:

“Hey Sarah, just ran across this article about drinking organic dairy and thought it was right in line with our conversation about nutrition and families last week…”

Example of irrelevant content you might not send to a client in agriculture

“Hey Sarah, I know you’re a big Lady Gaga fan and knew you’d be excited to hear she has a new movie out next month. Here’s an article about it I thought you’d enjoy…”

Step 2: Make sure you read it. 

Take it from the time-saver scanner queen: read the whole blog and/or social media post before you send it. Not only will it allow you to have an authentic conversation with your client/customer, it will also allow you to not send something that you wish you hadn’t. #dontmisstheplottwist

Step 3: Keep your emails at 75 words or less.

You spent extra time reading the blog. Great! Now buy that time and effort back by keeping the outreach brief. Rule of thumb in client outreach: never use more than 75 words. It’ll inspire your client to read to the end. 

Sneaking in Step 4… you’ve got this! Don’t hesitate to try a new selling style with content. Your quarterly bonus check will thank you.

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