Mythbusters: Marketing and Sales

How to Use Marketing Content to Sell to Clients Part 3

By: Lindsay, Blue Flamingo Vice President, Would Like to Have Dinner with Eleanor Roosevelt



a widely held but false belief or idea.


“I can design this proposal on my own to close the deal.”  “That’s outside of our brand.”  “The marketing strategy is more important than making one sale.” “Marketing people don’t understand how to close a deal.”

If you’ve been following our “How to Use Marketing Content to Sell to Clients” series, you’re well aware we’re on a mission to reframe the narrative for salespeople. That starts with upending commonly-held beliefs by getting content into the sales cycle.

Last month, we provided best practices to implement this strategy and close bigger, better deals.  

This month, we’re here to bring you the one tactic to put these best practices in place:

Strengthening the relationship between your sales and marketing teams. 

Say what…?

Sales and Marketing in the same room? 


Sit back, pour a Flamingo Friday cocktail, and hear me out. When the two teams work together, sales opportunities increase and marketing efforts are amplified. 

Why Marketing Needs Sales:

  • No brainer: growing revenue means a bigger marketing budget
  • Salespeople are the front line to a company’s product, service, and experience. With that forward-facing role, the Sales team can gather insightful real-time feedback on what customers really want. 
  • The human factor. Eye contact and real talk from the Sales team sets your company apart and keeps your brand authentic in a noisy world. And let’s be honest: AI isn’t there quite yet, despite what the software companies try to tell us.

Why Sales Needs Marketing:

  • No brainer: because a salesperson’s time is best spent selling, not focusing on Marketing. 
  • Without Marketing, Sales would be left in the cold without a brand, website, sell sheet, brochures, social media channels, brand voice, messaging…the list goes on.  
  • Marketing creates lead generation opportunities. This is a big one to unpack in a future article, but we’ll add it here to keep you wondering.  🤔

As we look at the list above, it’s clear that success comes from working together, not from working in silos. Sounds like a win-win, rather than a distraction. 

*Mythbusters logo used with appreciation.

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