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ChicoBag + ToGo Ware celebrated its 15th year in business, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  The company wanted to leverage the double anniversary to promote ChicoBag + ToGo Ware’s industry-leading commitment to sustainability to help create a  cleaner world for future generations through their 2-year commitment to eliminate 34 Billion single-use items from the waste stream.

Blue Flamingo was tasked with developing a communication plan and go-to-market strategy to help push ChicoBag + ToGo Ware’s climate-neutral message in a way that would inspire others to share the mission and participate.  The result is a bold, customer-centric campaign designed to encourage excitement and ultimately, action to reach their 2022 goal.  The result? Start a movement.


The plan was built using multiple layers of engagement.  A comprehensive social media plan drove awareness, directing consumers to the company website.  A campaign-specific landing page, fresh graphics, and refreshed site content assured the company’s voice was consistent and clear.  Most importantly, messaging was built to inspire engagement and participation, asking for individual pledges of support.  This step was key in helping ChicoBlag + ToGo Ware connect in a meaningful way to people with a shared vision.  Blue Flamingo created and deployed customized videos inviting the public to join the movement. On-going blog and social post creation keep content fresh and relevant. Collaboration with corporate partners, vendors and partner organizations amplified the message push and participation.  Press Release and subsequent media buzz resulting in multiple media appearances along with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email marketing gave lift to the launch.

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