🧀WARNING – This is the cheesiest proposal you’ll read all day🧀

How to hire the right person for the job

So you want to hire somebody for a newly opened position in your company. 

You’ve got your list of required experiences, the skills you want them to have, a long, carefully-edited paragraph about the cold brew on tap, company culture, and if they get a gym pass. 

But when it comes to the interview or application, how do you actually find out who they are behind the blazer—and if they’re a right fit for the job or if they’ve got the personality to work well with the rest of your team. Because a cultural fit is arguably more important than a skills fit.

Blue Tip: Ask a non-work question.

For example, you might ask them something benign, like do you prefer your khakis with a crease or without? Maybe you ask them what to order on the Scrubbs wash menu, and why it’s the best choice for a clean sedan. Or perhaps you’re willing to ask the really hard questions: “Do you put pineapple on your pizza?”

Their answers will be telling. 

(We all know warm, soggy fruit does not belong on delicious pizza)  

A non-work related question encourages them to reveal how they think, why they think it, and an opportunity to see if they’re willing to defend an opinion.

A few months ago, Blue Flamingo put out a job posting. It included all the above-mentioned necessaries, and at the end, we included this question: 

“What is your favorite kind of cheese?”

Here was a response we received:

🧀WARNING – This is the cheesiest proposal you’ll read all day🧀

Do you brie-lieve in fate?

Because that’s what I think brought me here today.

For the last year I’ve written sharp copy for 20+ businesses in industries including…

• Health
• Software
• Local services
• Real estate
• E-commerce

And my velveeta smooth words have always cut to the chase and delivered “grate” results.

(Plus I’m pretty gouda at writing landing pages)

But even if my work isn’t hitting the mark the first time around…

My thick rind lets me work with your feedback to write the copy you need without causing a scene.

And when it comes to meeting deadlines, I’ll never leave you in the dark.

Because in queso emergencies, you can depend on me to get the job done.

But by now I’m sure you’re getting feta up with these cheese puns, so I’ll take my chance and roll out of here.

Thanks, Bleu Flamingo. Talk soon!

P.S. My favorite cheese is cheddar. (Boring, I know)

Needless to say, this applicant got an interview (and the contract). Not only did their skills and experience match our needs, but culturally, their cheeky approach fit right in.

Moral of the story: when hiring, think outside your usual blah box of questions and consider ones that will help really showcase the skills an applicant brings to the table.

Your assignment: review your list of in-person and Indeed interview questions.

Where can you add or edit relevant questions that help you understand more about the person applying? It’s ok, be bold. You’ll be surprised at how interviews become more insightful—and more fun, as cheesy as that sounds.

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