We will, we will POP you!

Let your core message guide your business.

Watched any good TV shows lately? Quarantine sent me back to some classics, especially those goofy old game shows. One unexpected delight is the original version of “The Dating Game.”

The premise? Three contestants hid behind a wall and answered a few looney questions posed by a bachelor or bachelorette. Based on the answers, he or she chose one contestant for an all-expenses-paid date (with a chaperone). The show debuted in 1968 and ran for eight seasons.

With all those romantic sparks flying, there must have been a bunch of love connections, right? Trips down the aisle, holy matrimony, wedded bliss?

(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives)

One. Just one couple tied the knot after meeting on the show.*

Hold on, you say. How could all those singletons get it wrong after interrogating a panel of groovy would-be suitors? How could they fail to choose a life partner on the basis of three or four innuendo-laden questions in front of a studio audience? 

Sure, the game was just for fun. But maybe, just maybe, a few more of those couples could’ve found their way to the chapel if the bachelor/ette had asked the right questions.

The right questions essentially serve as your guide, your thought partner, your conscience — all leading you back to your unique approach to life and business. The right questions could have helped Bachelorette Barb find the Chad of her dreams, and the right questions can help you identify your ideal customer or your brand motto.

My team at Blue Flamingo helps you ask the right questions with their Power of Purpose (POP) workshop dedicated to — you guessed it–asking the right questions. Over the course of several hours (Martinis-to-go optional 🍸), they’ll help you explore your vision, goals, and mission. It’s the first, and most important step in figuring out why you do what you do. The POP guides the rest of your experience in creating a brand that stands out and gets noticed. 

What are you waiting for? Get Poppin’.

Be bold,


*There were actually two, but one didn’t count as it involved blackmail, hookers, and Tijuana.

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