Who Wooed You? Attraction Marketing

Let’s talk about dating for a minute. 

Introducing human #1. 

Your favorite cousin’s best friend. She thought you two have similar interests and values and would likely hit it off. You trust your cousin, so you agree to meet her friend at a casual BBQ.  The introduction was easy and the conversation flowed. You go on a handful of dates, each one better than the last, and soon, you’re smitten.

Now, introducing human #2. 

Your mom thinks she knows you better than you know yourself. That includes choosing who you should date. Mom decides you and her optometrist’s son are a match made in heaven and invites him to family dinner—with a seat right next to you.  

It is… awkward.

You have no interest, even though he seems like a nice person.

Even more awkward? You already have a significant other, so you’re not looking for a setup.

So, Who Wooed You?

If you’re in the majority, human #2 didn’t hold a candle to human #1 in piquing your interest. Your attraction to both could have been identical, but due to the way they were presented, one drew you in while the other kept you defensive from the beginning. 

Marketing is the same way. 

Attract, Don’t Interrupt

Like dating, marketers typically take one of two roads to earn business. 

  1. Attraction marketing:  Attraction marketing is the slow burn, creating a foundation of trust and interest before asking for your business. It allows you to learn and connect with the brand, its people, and its product offerings. You come to the conclusion this is the right product/service/organization for you.
  2. Interruption marketing: Exactly as the name infers, this type of marketing is abrasive and inconsiderate. It lacks creativity, patience, and deliberate strategy. It’s centered around moving products and services with little regard to emotional buy-in, interest, need, or proper audience.  

As a brand or company, the easiest route is, unsurprisingly, the least effective one. Interruption marketing’s in-your-face style tends to annoy people, turning off potential customers before they even get to know the brand and its offerings. 

Imagine, on the other hand, how much better customers would react if they felt like choosing your brand was their idea in the first place. How much more likely would they be to form a sense of attachment and loyalty to you? Attraction marketing is the methodical planting of seeds over time. It requires significant time, energy, and patience. But, the payoff? Excitement, loyalty, and the creation of genuine brand ambassadors.

Attraction marketing is all about meeting people where they’re at.  

  • Ever purchased a product after taste testing it at Costco? (Guilty. #birthdaycakepopcornforthewin 🙋🏽‍♀️): Attraction marketing. 
  • Ever complimented a friend on her beautiful lipstick, and upon learning the brand, immediately added it to your cart? Attraction marketing. 
  • Ever subscribed to a YouTube channel because it surfaced a useful Excel tutorial—and you liked the way they presented the information? Attraction marketing. 

Let’s take it one step further: How do you employ attraction marketing in your business?

Inbound marketing techniques, such as subject-expert blogs, webinars, free downloadables, etc. are a great place to start in reaching your target audience via attraction rather than annoyance, er, interruption. They’re coming to you because you’re offering them something they deem valuable. 

Then, when it comes time to make a purchase, it’s more than likely your brand will be top of mind. You’ve taken the time to build equity and trust. 

Like dating, successful marketing builds an emotional connection with people. 

If you want to maximize your customer acquisition cost, focus on building a relationship fostered over time with intention. Be sure to spend some time determining your target audience and understanding who needs your product or services.  Right audience + right message = happy customers.

Take that message and apply tactics (such as those above) to help the right people find you, so they come running through the door with a “Where have you been all my life?!”

Your Homework:

Take a minute to evaluate your marketing. Are you wooing your customer, or setting them up on uncomfortable blind dates? If it’s the latter, take a step back and reassess your tactics. Your future customers (and your revenue) will thank you.

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