Community Involvement

Rescue pets in need

+ a good G&T


Fun Fact 1: Community Development is a major passion of mine

For a cause that drives me, I have several. One I'm very passionate about is domestic violence. Educating young people on the aspects of a healthy relationship while lending a helping hand to those who have found themselves in a tough situation is one of the reasons why I volunteer with organization that can help make a difference. As my interest in sustainability and XXXX grew and I started GreenFeet, a company focused on XXX I and interest grew. Today I Blah blah blah

Fun Fact 2: Must love dogs - especially the ones accompanied with a rescue story

With many causes under my care umbrella: spay and neutering pets has been another main focus of mine. With 3 couldn’t resist but to adopt dogs of my own at home it’s safe to say our family has a soft spot for rescues. Seely, Daisy and Chalupa Taco completed our fun family dynamic. Coupled with my husband Rob and now grown up son Sy by my side. Every day is the much sweeter with our fur children added to the madness. Roomba beware - it can be a chaotic job not all would want to handle.



Fun Fact 3: Words I live by - “ XXXX “

I’ve found in my years of experience to not take myself too seriously. It may sound clique but I’m all in on living by the mindset - If you’re not having fun while doing it, is it worth doing? I’ve also found that a good gin and tonic at the end of a long work day isn’t a bad way to live. Obviously not every day but, I do recommend this as a best practice. All in all, I thrive in collaborating with those who take the strategy serious but want to join forces with a smile, a little sass and can laugh without taking life too seriously.