The Secret Sauce

A blue flamingo is rare.
A blue flamingo is unique.
A blue flamingo is noticed.
A blue flamingo is stunning.
A blue flamingo is legendary.
A blue flamingo is extraordinary.

The secret sauce of any successful business is a clear core message.

Consider your favorite brand, company, or politician. What draws you to them? It’s undoubtedly their underlying message—the way they look, talk, act, and communicate all focus on a single message—and it’s one with which you feel connected.

Messaging is not a tagline or positioning statement. It’s not a quote or an “about us” statement.

Messaging is your internal compass. It informs every decision you make as a company, from marketing and sales to how you communicate with employees, vendors, and customers.

Messaging defines, describes, inspires. It’s your playbook for success.

And best of all—given a sound messaging strategy, the rest becomes far easier. Communication is clear. Marketing plans and budgets take shape. Wasteful spending is eliminated. Social media engagement is simplified. Organizational culture and workplace dynamics fall into place.

You stand out and people notice. A Blue Flamingo is born.

If your organization is missing the secret sauce and a clear path forward for an extraordinary vision, Blue Flamingo can help.

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